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We're saying "yes" to Christ, His Gospel and those who need Him
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Key Initiatives

a church-wide spiritual journey
The YES! journey means seeking intentional growth in the discipline of saying “yes” to Christ, the Gospel and others as a habit of life through annual times of prayer and fasting, weeks of service and evangelism opportunities.
a new, additional location
The YES! journey means accepting the call God has given for a greater harvest in the community by launching our first multi-site campus.  Center Grove Sherwood Forest will launch February 2019.
debt elimination
The YES! journey means paying off our remaining debt of about $1.99 million to create a greater margin for ministry.
space expansion & facilities improvement
The YES! journey means retooling facilities at the Clemmons campus to accommodate those already coming, those who have yet to come and to practice good stewardship of the facilities the Lord has given us.
Evangelistic Outreach And Service
The “YES!” journey means generous Gospel partnerships with regional, national and international evangelical ministries such as: financial gifts to local evangelical ministries, weeks of service in the community, partnerships with churches national and internationally and a reserve for launching future campuses.


Have Questions?

what are the financial goals for the YES! journey?

There are three goals set for Center Grove to be financial “free, fit and full” – check out the brochure above to see details on each goal.

What is the current debt obligation?

At the end of 2018, our remaining debt stands at $1.99 million.

when will pledge commitments begin and end?

The YES! journey is a 4-year initiative, broken into 2-year segments.  This means pledge commitments will be made for 2018-2020, and then again from 2020-2022.  After the first two years, we will pause and make commitments for the final two years.

Can i change my pledge?

You can adjust your commitment at any point by contacting Chuck Pruett, the business administrator at 336-766-5727 or by email.

how do i give toward my commitment?

Depending on your giving plan and commitment, you can give during the offering in service, give online, or mail your gift to the church office.

I'm new to cg, how can i get involved in the yes! journey?

Stop by the information center for a pledge card, or call the church office, or send an email to join us in saying “yes”.

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