Loving God with all that we are

We live best when we love Jesus most

Jesus calls disciples to a life committed to loving God. Out of this call comes the life habit of worship and prayer that expresses this love for Him in the pursuit of fellowship with Him. We seek to cultivate this love for God and equip followers of Christ in doing so.

 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.”  Mark 12.30

We are one church, one family with services that aim to nurture, encourage and develop love for God first and foremost.  We believe that disciples need to be gathering weekly to love and worship God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit (Heb. 10:24-25). We do this through weekend worship services and special "Nights of Worship" throughout the year.

Personal worship

All disciples should be involved in personally connecting to Jesus through prayer, adoration, and thanksgiving. As we humbly ask the Holy Spirit to apply God’s Word to our lives and follow through with his leading, He transforms us into the people He has called us to be.

Serving with Worship & Production

We seek to create worship environments that are authentic and inviting, leveraging the power of corporate worship by pointing to Christ. As a team, the focus is to worship God with our whole heart, first by consecrating ourselves (2 Timothy 2:21), and then giving Him our very best.

Three essential worship values


Being passionate about the presence of God and living a life that reflects the love of Christ


Excelling in musicianship and continually developing the talents that God has given you


Growing relationally with the team and having a genuine love for people


Vocals: Sing as lead vocals

Worship Choir: Sing as part of a larger groups of vocals

Worship Band: Play as instrumentalists (drums, bass, keys, acoustic and electric guitar)

Orchestra: Play as instrumentatlists (brass, woodwinds and strings)

Stud Band: Lead worship for the Student Ministy (opportunity for high school students)

production TEAMS

Audio: Support all on-stage worship and communication by monitoring and adjusting audio equipment

Lights: Create atmosphere and focus attention with the use of pre-set lighting equipment

Camera: Capture the worship experience using camera equipment for live presentation

Video: Guide camera operators and switch video shots and graphics

Graphics: Scroll through a prepared presentation to reflect graphics, song lyrics, and sermon slides on the main screens

Stage Crew: Position props and equipment on and off stage as needed throughout the service

Stage Build: Turn vision into reality, work as a team and use your gifts to construct and create unique and attractive stage designs with the guidance of the Creative Arts Director


Ignite is a multi-week required training process for those desiring to serve with the worship and production teams in any capacity. Step 1 is an interview and/or audition in order to get to know you better, and assess if you can be a good fit with where your interests are. If after your interview/audition you are selected to continue with training, you will be begin the Ignite training. Upon successful completion of Ignite graduation expectations, you are then eligible to begin serving.

If you're interested in serving on the worship and production teams, fill out the form at the link below and a team member will be in touch!

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