Serving others

We believe that we look most like Jesus when we are serving. We are excited to serve others in His name following His example. We do this through acts of generosity, church-wide service projects done for local communities and schools, and Life Group-led projects that aid those who help the underprivileged among us. We are intentional about finding ways to show the love and life of Jesus through service.

There are also many opportunities to serve right here at Center Grove both during services and throughout the week.  Volunteer teams represent the right combination of abilities and giftedness, serving with a united purpose - to make disciples and change the world by serving God, serving each other and serving the church.

Serve at Center Grove

Interested in serving at Center Grove? We have a place for you! Simply complete the form below and someone will  be in touch.

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Center Grove Church Serve Worship
This ministry is composed of dynamic vocal and instrumental teams that support authentic worship time during our worship services and events. Our focus is to worship God with our whole heart, first by consecrating ourselves
(2 Timothy 2:21), and then giving Him our very best.
Serve opportunities with worship include: vocal team, worship choir, band and orchestra. Each team requires an interview and audition in order to get to know you better, assess skills and learn your interests. “Ignite” is a unique training program designed for those desiring to serve with the worship ministry.

This ministry seeks to create a worship service environment that is authentic and inviting, leveraging the power of corporate worship by pointing to Christ. We are motivated and enthusiastic, valuing excellence and one another. Practically speaking, we facilitate worship and communication, create environment, focus attention, and remove distractions. Opportunities are both technical and nontechnical, with team members that are willing to learn and try new things.
Center Grove Church Serve Production
Center Grove Church Serve Guest Services
This ministry gives visitors a “first impression” of who we are as a church. We strive to create a welcoming environment on campus where meaningful touches can occur. As these environments are created and experienced, our guests and members alike are able to encounter God and be transformed by the Gospel.
This ministry is devoted to helping people build relationships for life and grow closer to Christ through engaging small groups. God never intended for our spiritual journeys to be solo pursuits. He created us for community, and in Christ, we belong together. Life Groups study the Bible together as they grow in grace and knowledge of Jesus, seeking faithful discipleship that consistently applies God’s Word to life situations and live life as world-changing followers of Christ. 
Center Grove Church Serve Adult Life Groups
Center Grove Church Serve Prayer
This ministry includes teams of intercessors that pray for people and happenings of Center Grove, as well as our surrounding community, our nation and the world.

This ministry invests in the lives of babies through 5th grade with creative and age-appropriate environments in which children can learn and build relationships with other children. Through Bible lessons, prayer, relationships and worship, we strive to help children connect faith with their lives right where they are, seeking to partner with parents to prepare their children spiritually for the future.
Center Grove Church Serve Kids Ministry
Center Grove Church Serve Student Ministry
This ministry invests in the lives of middle school and high school students, helping them to discover what it means to follow Jesus and navigate a life committed to Christ in the critical teenage years. Student Ministry partners with parents to lead their student in the faith, preparing them for the future and encouraging healthy relationships with God and others.
This ministry provides support in and around campus as needed by assisting with general repairs, organizing, cleaning or other custodial needs throughout the week or for special events.
Center Grove Church Serve Facilities
Center Grove Church Serve Church Office
This team provides support and various administrative duties throughout the week. Duties may include: answering the phone, mass mailings, assembling handouts and preparing special event materials.