Nothing that matters for eternity happens without prayer

Relational, Not Transactional

Jesus calls disciples to a life committed to loving God. Out of this call comes the life habit of worship and prayer that expresses this love for Him in the pursuit of fellowship with Him - a practice we believe is essential!

Why we Pray

Prayer expresses our trust (faith) in the Almighty God. It expresses our acknowledgement of who He is and our reliance on, and need for, Him. God wants us to trust and rely on Him in every aspect of our lives.

God desires a deep and abiding relationship with us. Just as a healthy marriage between husband and wife relies on good and intimate communication with one another, prayer allows us to have that deep and abiding relationship with God. He knows infinitely everything we need, so we can trust Him with all of our heart! We pray not to inform Him of what He already knows, but rather to connect with Him and include Him in our lives.

When we pray, God’s kingdom is advanced. It is through prayer that we may find ourselves involved in a meaningful way in the work of His kingdom.

Looking to learn more about prayer? Check out the sermon series "Ask: The Privilege and Power of Prayer"

Corporate Prayer Opportunities

All disciples should be involved in personally connecting to Jesus through prayer, adoration, and thanksgiving, but we also seek to create corporate opportunities to pray with one another.

Prayer and Fasting

At least once a year, we enter into a season of prayer and fasting as a church. This is a time set aside to focus on consecration, cleansing and prayer together.

24 Hours of Prayer

Prior to Easter Weekend, we take the time to come together and pray specifically for those near to us who need Jesus. For 24-hours straight, we have people gathered at our campuses to intercede for healing, restoration and salvation.

Prayer Teams

Each week there are teams who gather to pray for our church! To learn more or join those teams, head to the Serve page.

Seeking Care & Prayer?

The Member Care ministry exists to help meet the needs of church members related to major life events appropriately and lovingly. Member Care includes prayer, pastoral care, benevolence and general care and shepherding for our members.

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