July Missions Update


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When and where did you become a follower of Jesus? This isn’t a question we often think about, but the answer can give us a great deal of insight into how we see the routines of our lives. As we look back at June and look forward to July, keep the answer to that question in the front of your mind - it just might help you to see those opportunities to live on mission that are right in front of you!

Summer Adventure

This past June, over 130 children and 86 parents/adults heard Good News from Gods Word! God knows you, He hears you, and He has redeemed you. Thank you to the parents, Center Grove volunteers and staff for living on mission year in and year out during Summer Adventure.

Summer Camp

Our student leaders took over 50 students to camp this past June. At Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters, they heard the gospel communicated through skits, songs, preaching and small group teaching. Here are just a few responses students shared with us after this week...

"God’s grace is bigger than any of my sin!"

"God’s attributes are true of Him all the time and never change."

"God has a plan for our lives and is always ready for you to come to Him."


Summer Adventure and Student Camp are examples of how a re-occurring event in the life of God’s church are opportunities to live on mission. You may be asking how can I start living on mission, where do I begin? Check out the ideas below to begin living on mission today - and - don’t forget to follow Center Grove on social media as we share opportunities for missional living throughout the summer!

  • Take a prayer walk around your neighborhood
  • Build relationships with your neighbors by hosting a cookout or block party
  • Serve in the community with one of our local outreach partners
  • Download the Summer Bucket List for other ideas of how love, grow, serve and share

God is already at work in our community, and He invites us to be a part of His mission!


Pastor Thomas West is who we traditionally think of when we speak of a missionary. Thomas, his wife Elizabeth, and his children Perry and Shepard moved to London to plant a church in the area of London known as Queen’s Park. After a year of lockdown, Redeemer Queen’s Park can once again, meet as a congregation. Pastor Thomas has extended an invitation to Center Grove to attend a virtual vision trip in late July. If you are interested in attending please email Mitch at mitchm@cglife.org for details.

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