A Reponse to Events in DC


A Message from Our Pastor

My heart grieves for our nation this week as one person is reported to have been shot at the U.S. Capitol and as dozens more have stormed the Capitol Building. Vice President Pence has called what has happened “violence and destruction.” See how far we have fallen. We seem to be bent on self-destruction in the pursuit of self-protection and self-satisfaction. Wanton violence, whether from the extreme right or left, comes from the same place: a false faith in the false gods of power and human wisdom to meet needs and satisfy human longings.

True peace only comes when we see our radical need is for the God Who made us and alone can redeem us. Sadly, human history shows that this rarely happens until we are brought to the end of ourselves.

To the church, I say: Remember Who is King over all. Remember where your help comes from. Do not fear. Do not fall prey to faithlessness. Rather, with faith, pray! Pray not for condemnation but for contrition. Our pride as a nation has divided us. Our selfish pride drives us to mutual hatred and violence. Pray! Now is the time to cry out to the Lord for our nation, that he may save us from ourselves for we are our own greatest enemies. Yet, He remains our greatest Friend, ready to help and heal us.

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