We’re always looking for opportunities to share the Good News of God’s great love and the hope of new life made real by faith in the life, death, and resurrection of His Son. Because our lives have been forever changed by God’s love, we want everyone we know to experience the love and new life only God can give.

We provide opportunities to help share the Gospel through events, special outreaches and mission trips throughout the world. A simple, 3-step strategy we use and teach at Center Grove is called I3: Invest, Intercede, Invite. Try it out in your own life!


Pray daily, asking God to show you the people you are to invest in. Then, look for ways to spend time with them so you can invest and intercede for them.


Pray daily for God to show you people to invest in, intercede for and invite to church and Jesus. If you will be consistent in prayer with a heart concerned for those far from God then you will begin to see people as God sees them. When you see them as God sees them, it is natural for you to invest in building a loving relationship. Out of your relationship will come opportunities for you to ask them if you can intercede for their hurts and difficult situations? You are not promising God will intervene just that you will pray for them. But know this, God desires to answer these prayers for the lost to show them He is God. As God works in answer to your prayers, it gives you the opportunity to invite them to Center Grove and Jesus.


Invite someone to a weekend service or a special event such as Easter or Harvest Celebration. Your friends will be comfortable in the environment we provide. Statistics show it may take up to 7 invites before they accept. When they do come, follow up with them and take them to a meal after the event. Ask them what they thought. Or later in the week, ask how it went. Share your thoughts as well and keep investing love in them and invite them again. Our goal is for people to take the next step toward Jesus whatever that is. These steps are all different. It may be that they want to talk. They may want or need to study or to just hang out with you and your family.

Share your story

The story of your life with God is your story, it is unique and personal. Take some time to think about what God has done in your life. Write it out and praise God for it. Then, be ready to share it when God gives you an opportunity. Also be ready to routinely share what God is teaching you now in the routines and challenges of your life.

Share the Gospel

Be prepared to share the Good News. If you feel ill equipped go back and watch a sermon series from our pastor, called The Gospel. It will guide you to understand creation, fall, redemption, and restoration in order to share it with others.

Be a contagious Christian, full of the love of Christ so that those around you will want what you have in Jesus!

To find out more about Center Grove’s past and future serve projects, as well as missions and outreach opportunities in our community, our nation, and throughout the world, email