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Harvest at Home


In the midst of Covid and our state’s current restrictions, we are unable to host Harvest Celebration on campus this year.

While we’re certainly disappointed, we are encouraged by the NEW opportunity it presents! This year, we are encouraging our church family to partner together in taking Harvest to the people by hosting a “Harvest at home” and taking the spirit of Harvest to your neighborhood.


We fully understand that people find themselves in different places and levels of comfort with all that’s going on related to Covid. Therefore, we have come up with all kinds of ideas for all kinds of comfort levels and want to challenge each of you to think intentionally about how you can look and love like Jesus this Halloween.

Our heart is to see the core values Harvest has always been built on become the foundation for Harvests at home all around our community. Those core values being: hospitality, generosity, prayer and the Gospel.

Here's how to do it!

Connect with others

Gather your family, friends, your life group – and combine your resources, time and ideas to make a plan together.

Make a plan

Think through what you can best provide safely and well. If you decide to host something on Halloween night, consider whose home or neighborhood would be best to connect with and serve a good number of people. It’s also good to check the information for your local area for any specific guidelines for Halloween activities.

Register your Harvest at Home

Sign-up and let us know what you’re up to! By registering, our staff will connect with you and provide help and resources where ever we can, and, we’ll know to be praying for you!

Pick up supplies and get ready

Swing by the Center Grove offices to gather Gospel tracts, Center Grove invites and other resources we have ready and available. We have also shared a ton of ideas on the website for things to do, make and provide.

Register your Harvest at Home here

Get ideas for your Harvest at Home here

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