Our Values

We are deeply committed to a set of biblical principles that guide our preaching, our programming, and our people.


We treasure the person, character, work, and reputation of Jesus. In everything we do, we endeavor to represent His name in a way that brings Him glory and does our world good.


The foundation of making disciples with changed and changing lives is the changed heart—the heart that is yielded to Christ. The heart of a disciple is a heart that is learning more and more to say “no” to self and “yes” to Jesus. By calling and equipping people to LOVE, GROW, SERVE, and SHARE, we help develop authentic disciples whose changed hearts lead to changed lives—which leads to changing our world for Christ.


We believe that faith not only includes belief but also practice. In other words, faith is meant to be lived so that God’s truth found in His Word is applied to all of life, day in and day out. Faith in Christ goes well beyond Sundays. Through dependence on the Bible and God’s Spirit, we nurture a faith that goes beyond belief and becomes all-encompassing—shaping who we are at home, at school, in the gym, and at work.


We are committed to helping start, strengthen, and save marriages and families, and to being family for those who have none. To that end, we seek to help marriages and families build healthy, strong relationships that positively impact those around them and nurture future leaders for Christ. At the same time, we provide community and support for people to build the family. We desire to be a church that ministers to all ages and stages of life, seeking especially to support the development of healthy families and marriages through effective ministry to them at each life stage.


We believe that every church should be extraordinary because it belongs to the extraordinary Christ. Consequently, we pursue excellence like Christ whom the Scriptures say “did all things well.” In all we undertake, we strive to make a big impact for Christ, with Christ, like Christ. For us this means endeavoring to be “smart”—unashamedly, intellectually, and socially smart—that we may think well, pray well, and love our communities well for His glory.


We are committed to thinking beyond ourselves for the sake of others and His Gospel. As a result, we are constantly looking for new ways to make an eternity’s worth of difference in the lives of others. Our goal is to be a church that makes such a positive difference in the lives of people in Jesus’ name that those around us could not imagine being without us. To this end, we will make sacrifices for and serve our community and churches around the world—with a heart to give as He has freely given us.